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Hey girl, I see you once in a while
And I made up my mind to start a brand new file
I know that love is not a jumble sale
But generation X is not a fairy tale
We both run through the jungle at night
Driven on by the neon light
So don't you think we could try it together
Cause I just can't stand the icy weather

Sometimes I think I'd only fool myself
She might be just another trick
Just a brand-new toy that only makes you sick
But I cannot tell myself to get her out of my mind
I simply cannot tell my eyes they have to be blind
So the only way out is now the way to move in
There ain't no other chance for me to win

Well, I'm not frustrated, but alienated
With this fucked-up feeling that I just can't make it
I'm now on a slippery slope
And this may be the reason for my waning hope
I've been living to fast to live my own damn life
When I'm all alone it cuts like a knife
For all this time I never looked back
But right now I feel that I'm trapped

I've never noticed
That I'm the one to change
There's only one way out!

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is the track #18 from the album King Shepherd which is released on 1995. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2007 Deaf Shepherd Recordings
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