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Chan Hello it's me I'm not like you, So what do you want
me to do, you live your life without worry, I'd love to
too, but I can't total different way of thinking, and you
know it's true people change live the same and I find you
new, I say I love you, Now, heart is poor child hood is a
sufferage blur, Fuck it all now you know the truth,
Nothing going for me except my thoughts, and emotions set
aside for you, Little fight here and there communication
is the key, to end all toils, and I can see that life
isn't meant for anything, Except to try for you.... I'll
try to be better, but I doubt I can be better... Sad
again you'll laugh and say that I don't try, Hey fuck
you, you don't know the events that happen in my life,
your life's perfect but I don't waste my time on things
like you, My mind is set all I do perhaps I think too
much, Can't you see that....

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