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Cockatrice Lyrics

Oh basilisk, oh cockatrice
The prophet was a child of flesh
Stolen from the family creche
And hidden in the wilderness

A statue on a steepletop
The prophet's now a man of rock
And the hundred thousand in his flock
Will gather underneath of him

Owen and I walk among the plots
I'm guided by the slightest touch
With his fingertips upon my neck
I'm made to be a marionette

He asks me how I'd rather go
To burn in a fire, or freeze with the snow
Well, I'd rather die painful and alone
Than be a prophet turned to stone

Owen, Owen protect me
From a life everlasting
Owen, Owen protect me
From a life everlasting

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Final Fantasy - Spectrum, 14th Century - EP
is the track #4 from the album Spectrum, 14th Century - EP which is released on 2008-09-30. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2009 For Great Justice
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