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Conflux Of Man And Machine Lyrics

Chained to times of lingering doom
The radiation goes echoing down for centuries
Mankind awakes from the ashes of a cannibalistic barbaric
The humans are blind to the robotic mayhem above
Execution droids hover over the now desolate city ruins
In search for prey. As the human scouts hunt for
resources they
Discover the mechanical he'll that waits
They witness body movers cleansing the wasteland of
Littered corpses. Human cadavers are scattered throughout
The radiation-infected earth. The pack splits up.
As the head scout departs an assassin guts him from
Blades impale him at the waist and rip up
Through the shoulder and spine
Blood and entrails spill out as the
Human shell falls limp to the earth
Another human is sifting through he radiation when
Infrared optical sensors hone in on the prey
Actuators grip then crush the skull
Cranial matter slides down the titanium frame
Creating a pool of jellified brains and blood
At the tripod base of the assassin
The few surviving humans retreat into the subterranean
The tribe begins constructing weapons made of stones
Sharpened human bones, and metal scraps
They prepare for war...

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Flesh Consumed - New Order of Intelligence
is the track #2 from the album New Order of Intelligence which is released on 2009-06-02. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2009 Sevared Records
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