Checking out the hotties down on Cuba
Sweet Suzy Sue is playing the tuba, ye-ah
The fuzz is on the street, laying on the heat, ya'll
Walking on their feet ya'll
The guy with the big black boom box laying down the
beat ye-ah

Richard and Donna getting it on on the corner
Taking it higher baby
Sweet Suzy Sue is playing the lyre, lyre, my pants are
on fire
Along comes CJ
Ugly as a DJ
Joined by the F o The C
Singing acapella, singing acapella, wahahahahaha

The fly guys hanging round the honeys
Like flies through the honey
Donna tells Richard that he owes her money, o no
Richard tells Donna wait till 12 o clock, thats when my
work, when my dole comes through
Sweet Suzy Sue, playing diggeridoo
Lay it on down now Sexy Sue

Along comes Michael
On his bi-cy-cle
Looking as cool as a Fisher & Paykel
Singing 'Thats where you'll find me, checking out the
hotties on Cuba'
'And thats where I wanna be, checking out the Hotties
down on Cuba'
F o The C, checking out the hotties down on Cuba
Singing acapella

Fades out to end

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