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She's So Hot Boom! Lyrics

Oh my God. She's so hot. She's so flippin' hot. She's
like a curry.
I want to tell her how hot she is, but she'll think I'm
being sexist.
She's so hot she's making me sexist.
I think I need a 1983 Casio DG-20 electric guitar
Set to electric mandolin
Some drums
Hear me now!
I see you with a sign
I want to boom like it's never been done
Bust moves like the click boom of a gun
My beats stay locked and my eyes are zooming
My feet start tweaking and my body's booming
The first day of boom and the flowers are blooming
Booty boom bass and the party is booming
Boom ba-boom like a rocket taking off to the moon
Boom boom like a bride and boom-ah
See you shaking that boom boom
See you looking at my boom boom
See you want some boom boom
It's clear it's boom time
Boom boom
Let me buy you a boom boom
You order a fancy boom
You like boom
And I like boom
Enough small boom let's boom the boom-ah
Fast-forward, selecta
Now we're rolling on a boom boom
Riding to my private room
And we boom whats boom and we both assume
We're gonna boom boom boom 'til the break of boom
Who's the boom king?
I'm the boom king.
Who's the boom king?
Tell me now.
I'm the boom king
He's the boom king
My phone is beeping, it's B-boom Boom
He's back from ten years doom and gloom
He said he had his boom chopped off in the boom
But the crazy boom still loves to boom
Unzip the boom and the lens goes boom
Your b-boom drops
Ba-boom ba-boom boom
We both get freaky and my boom gets leaky
Then we boom boom boom boom
Boom boom boom
Who's the boom king?
I'm the boom king
Who's the boom king?
I'm the boom king
Bret's the boom king

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