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Who Are You Lyrics

Check me out right here yo

Stone carved sonnets
Set in Tibet written in onyx marks the coming of a comet
Which rides a Fluent prophet
To stop shit that fake shit I'm a take shit back
Progressive movements in tune with a makeshift match

Raisin' an army
Fighting over radio stations which one day might play some conscious emancipation
For the duration of this ego glorified monopolized disguised disgrace in front of ya face
Lackin' pride
They hidin' behind jewels and riches
I know the malignant foolish festering played out ungifted
Especially when capitalists are evading taxes
While we're breaking our backs and getting burnt faster than matchsticks

This is for my true heads dancing with the dead
For whatever reason falling short of success
Gotta test the bounds of excess before you see what's next
Dont ponder to the extent
You will know when you're not vexed

Some can't handle so they get dropped quick
Off labels only props they get is in Saturday Night Live skits
Then off buildings for tryin to diss me this and that
Kidnapped they kids like I was starrin' in fuckin Parent Trap

Lastly off the map
Dig a hole deep enough
Floating in the middle of the earth with all the others who were wack
Sorry dog you kissed ass to get to the top
But when I signed on your album flopped and you got laid off

[Hook: x2]
Who are you to try and be true
The fact is you define what wack is
I'm long overdue for appearances
This lyricist is redefining game
Every vein and membrane is cold in steel that you can't stain

[Next verse]
Deadly like the first
Like a hearse carrying a mourns in the fucking hurts
The loss the heartache the high priced funeral
The casket or ashes in an urn whatever's suitable

Am I offensive or do I just say what you don't like?
Say what you don't wanna hear magnified through a mic
Inter-correctional 23 hour lockdowns
Release the fuckin' hounds they found in empty cell pound

Get free
Drown the sorrows with a high proof bottle
I'm sitting writing in the grotto with no positive role models
All criminal and psychopathic individuals gather for the residual of their municipal

Supposedly indivisible but divided by the livest survivors
From tribes who recruit hardcore connivers

The number one don gotta' make it hotter than a sauna
in a summer in Nevada wearin' four layers of datta

Another lyrical miracle making your fearful
Frenzied by this imperial
Givin' you an earful

I crush hype with my grip like a vice
My salivas' kerosene
My words are the light
So I ignite mics

And when the times right and the beats sick
I create such appetising rhymes
You wish that you could eat it

The collegiate quadriplegic with theories and postulates
Wordly Theory couldn't disprove or not believe in


Re-circulated and re-prioritized
I'm the sorta guy that you distributors immortalize
So fuckin' fortified I can't be moved
Glorified to the extent I never get booed or loose

Unlocked never keep the fuckin' safety on
Gnawed through my muzzle
Now I'm known from here to the great beyond

Attack the central nervous and immune systems
You got acute symptoms of another fuckin' stool pigeon

Ya'll watchin' TV I'm readin' Neitzche
Bein' examined in the lab as a new species
Ruthless flow till my mouth is fuckin' toothless
If I had toothpicks in my gums or vomiting mucas

Cunning and well versed but overlooked and even worse
I'm cursed by the demonic church makin' me work

Dynamic planned and standin' for the follow up
Already heated because I already swallowed the bottle up

My mind is journeyin' through come-up plots
A have not in the late night on a mad block poppin' off pad locks

I'm steppin' on toes like they was wearin' sandles
The entire fuckin' Florida panhandle can't handle

Go ahead I insist
I got the fiscal year fixed
My fist pierces like poison dipped arrow tips
These logistics are scientific magnificent
Genetically enhanced and engineered
Guaranteed infinite


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Fluent - Underground Famous
is the track #14 from the album Underground Famous which is released on 2004. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: 2004 Vigilant Productions
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