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The Great Outdoors Lyrics

Oh my hair is in my eyes it’s in my face but I don’t
I was just trekking along when I got face-fucked by a
Well I blame my GHDs for the position that I face
Thank Christ no one has a camera I don’t need this on
As I try to run away from a cock between the eyes
I have no hope of escaping this sexual bear surprise
Oh I’m trying not to choke on this massive bear schlong
Now I close my eyes and wonder how this all went so
Oh God, it’s warm!
Luncheon meat truncheon leaves no escape
(there’s enough bear there)
From this massive bear cock in my face
(but I don’t want to share)

If I didn’t have this fringe then I could’ve been
Instead I’m forced down on my knees with this grizzly
bear cumming
I thought by snakebites they would chafe but he doesn’t
seem to care
But then when I think about it he is an eight-foot
fuckoff bear
Oh he must have blown his load over half a dozen times
I guess I must have a talent ‘cause to him it feels
My MCR hoody is fucked my eyeliner starts to run
My new converse well they’re ruined from the onslaught
of bear cum

It’s stuck in my throat but now I don’t really give a
Getting raped by a bear to out to be good luck
To swallow this load I must try my best not to chuck
I never realised just how much I love to suck

Purple helmet warrior attack
(there’s too much bear there)
Hypnotised by his swinging bear sack

Now my throat is in such pain and the bear is thrusting
After so many brutal loads this no longer such a blast
Blood and semen flowing out in viscous red and white
In my mind I see a tunnel and the light begins to fade
I face my death upon this cock impaled deep within my
As I’m beaten in the chin by this mighty bear scrote
Forget cutting your wrists this is the only way to go
Just get down upon your knees and suck some fat bear

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Footprints In The Custard - Every Hole Is a Goal
is the track #3 from the album Every Hole Is a Goal which is released on 2011-10-10. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2011 Footprints In The Custard
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