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No System Lyrics

Capitalism, opportunity knocking
You can get what you want
Fill your life with a need for greed
Nothing is enough
Then some live in poverty
And people die on the streets
So you shout "It's not fair, Socialism is the cure!"

No system
No system will work

Now you have your equal pay
And you'll feel better on judgment day
Food and shelter for everyone
Wait - you still complain
"Where's our incentive to work hard"
"Out in the factory yard?"
"I'll get no more than him"
Now we all will suffer

No system
No system will work
No system
No system will work

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Forgotten - Keep the Corpses Quiet
is the track #7 from the album Keep the Corpses Quiet which is released on 2006-03-08. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2006 TKO Records
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