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Caroline, Carol-eye-eye-ine
Caroline, Carol-eye-eye-ine

There is a girl
She really is fine
So fine
I know one day
She's gonna be mine
Be mine
She is so fine
I'll make her mine
Her name is Caroline
Carol-eye-eye-ine, Caroline, Carol-eye-eye-ine

She is the fairest of them all
And I'll come runnin' when she calls
She is the girl
The girl of my dreams
My dreams
She's on my mind forever it seems
It seems
Will learn forever
Will dream together
Just me and Caroline
Carol-eye-eye-ne, Caroline, Carol-eye-eye-ne
Caroline, Carol-eye-eye-ne
Caroline, Carol-eye-eye-ne
Caroline, Carol-eye-eye-ne

Song writer(s): Dan Hill

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Fortunes - Seasons in the Sun (Re-Recorded Versions) [Re-Recorded Versions]
is the track #3 from the album Seasons in the Sun [Re-Recorded Versions] which is released on 2005-09-15. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2005 HHO Licensing
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