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O.c.fuzed Chapter 3 Lyrics

check it out, intro to tha third chapter,
which contains most violence to the O.C.Fuzed minds,
with the transitional rhymes
that'll bring physiological karma causin drama
to you and your fuckin baby momma,
it slides like this,

dont test me with your gay attitude
cuz nigga i aint feelin it
who the fuck do you assume your fuckin wit
manifest, discovered the G-E-O-R-G-E
bootleg crips and bloods trying to pull me down with gravity
but what ya dont know is that i be fuckin ya'll spinal cord
out wit the radius frequency
i hold a 5.0 desert eagle and the homie, a double edged samuri sword
is what we be strap-a-lin an,
lame ass gangs is what we be slash-a-lin and clap-a-lin,
(dj) fr,fr,erra,raa,erra,fresh out the fuckin boat
makin yo momma give us deep throat
1 stroke she chokes
causin you to suffer a heightened awareness
outlaws around the corner writing you in our hit list
Gomez Assasin obliterating all you bitches wit mad fists
handle the basic which need you to face it,
at dark when you be sleepin
thats when swoon be creepin
tearin off your arm like an alley cat
hangin you from the back so take that as a personal fact
if it werent for fag ass laws
the silent assasins be fuckin murderin yo foo's
swoon be readin the 4:20 biblical verse
causing havoc on natures earth
the only ones bringing killin to ya first
sparkin the bowl to burn
50 caskets for you, tables are turned
gibs burst into pieces
charged with W-E-E-D
as a result to your death
J.B.G slices your body parts til nothings left
so toon later for chapter four
if your yearning for fuckin more!

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