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Ice On The Trail Lyrics

Oh Action. And Solace. Will never be the same. You (my
wife) are all that I know. You are all that I care to
know. And there is Ice on the Trail: and there's a muddy
creek in the captain's bed. As for supper, I am okay for
the winter. I read the poster: I was told I had a right
to your bed. When the train rocks by the battleships I
recall that you are conservative you are the pain that
I'll feel when the sun finds its bed: (repeat). I know
information is processed and circumspect like a busted
seismograph singing warning songs for the pavement and
for your blessed movements and the constant pressure
pushing: I will call you by name in love's song.

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Frog Eyes - The Folded Palm
is the track #11 from the album The Folded Palm which is released on 2004-09-14. Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock | Record Label: 2004 Absolutely Kosher Records
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