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The Fence Feels Its Post Lyrics

Over the rise and over the posts
lie in the grass away from the posts (so)
wear white collars and confess you're the host and
nobody works for me!

Oh for elation!
Oh for the Russians!
Oh by the fences!
All for the down; all for the down!

I sing the matron's down-
down with the body
put the body in the ground-
Warm warm chocolate brown!
Nobody works for me...

I sit on the bed, lit on the rail,
watch as the bastards clear ice from the trail:
where was the world that was tender and frail?
Who's going to look after me?

Oh: machincation;
oh: water's rising;
oh: hatred station:
four fingered down, four fingered down:

Fall down, where's that gown?
Find that critter steal his crown! (rip his fucking
head off):
where wooded flies? Where wooden bees?
Still their stingers do penetrate me:
love is a rotor la la; oh chocolate warm, chocolate
who's going to work for me?

Do your duty! Do your duty!
I run from the sinking ground:
where you going to run when there is no ground?
Where you going to move when there is no ground?
Call greater heights for me: automation 1 2 3!
Greek lactations work for me...

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Frog Eyes - The Folded Palm
is the track #1 from the album The Folded Palm which is released on 2004-09-14. Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock | Record Label: 2004 Absolutely Kosher Records
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