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Froggy Fresh
We don’t never rest, we don’t never rest, we don’t
never rest
Froggy Fresh!

I’m sittin here, I’m thinkin to myself
Man I miss Abe Lincoln, why did they have to kill him?
Up inside the movie theater, just watching a movie
You’re gonna run up on Abe?
You’re gonna shoot him in the head? You’re gonna shoot
him in the face?
But Abe didn’t do nothing to you
Abe was a good guy, that’s true
I’m sittin here, thinking man life is hard
Life is hard in prison behind bars
I never been to prison, I don’t wanna go
I don’t like it, I don’t like it no no
I don’t like that, people are locked up
But it’s kinda good ‘cause that protects us
From people that would probably kill us
But I’m not afraid to die, but they would still kill us
I don’t wanna be killed, not yet
I got too many dreams, on that you can bet
I got too many dreams to fulfill
My will is of steel, ballin and ill
I could kill an electric eel
With my bare hands, I could snap it in half, bam!
Wouldn’t even get electrocuted, you know why?
‘Cause I’m that guy, I’m that guy
Sittin here in the living room, heard a loud boom
Don’t know what to do, it’s a gun
Pulled my hands up in the air, thinkin
How am I gonna get out of here?
Oh my God I remember that I had a gun
Tucked behind my pants, that’s right
Pulled it out, pop pop pop
Bullets flyin through the air, bullets flyin through
the air
Jump up in the air, you wanna dodge em?
You’re gonna go like this? Ha
No you’re not, ‘cause I’m a really good aimer
I done shot too many guns, flamer

I think flamer is not a very good word that I was
supposed to say
I’m not gonna say anymore bad words
I’m just gonna keep this rap going and no curse words
or anything
I’m gonna start the rap over

(Intro 2)
Froggy Fresh
We don’t never rest

The street is cold, life is hard
Scarecrows in the front yard
Protect the corn, don’t let em get it
They crows wanna eat it, the crows are gonna get it
Scarecrow do your job!
‘Cause the crows are coming through and we’re about to
get robbed
They’re bout to take all of the corn in the crops
I don’t like crows, I don’t like you a lot
I don’t like the fact that you eat all of our veggies
I don’t like the fact that you’re eatin all your
We I come in the front yard you’re gonna run like
Reggie Bush
Watch me get pushed, fallen to the ground
Get back up ‘cause I always do, yea

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