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Icka Prick Lyrics

(let's get the cue track, ok right, what?)
Ahh-ahhh, ahhh
Oh, you ain't seen obscene yet
We gonna be nasty this here time
Check it out, huh
Can you imagine this?
Put on some protection for your ears
?pussy serving land?
Like John Henry the steel drivin' man
Who with a hammer and spike in his hand
Said it's what's up front that cunt
Lifting weights with his tits (icka prick and iron pussy)
Doing pushups with his clit (yucka fuck and muscle cunt)
Icka prick and iron pussy
Yucka fuck and muscle cunt
There ain't no decent dick in Detroit
Ho, grossin out!
Icka prick and iron pussy (nasty can be ?)
Yucka fucka muscle cunt
If you think that's nasty
Follow me to the men's room
Watch me write on the wall (icka prick and iron pussy)
Suck my mind
This is equal-opportunity nasty
Here, that helps???
Take it off, take it all off, hey!!
Icka prick and iron pussy (pumpin' to please!)
Yucka fuck and muscle cunt (without humps there will be no gettin' over)
Icka prick and iron pussy
And still, there's no decent dick in Detroit
Icka prick and iron pussy (and that's a gross point of view)
Yucka fuck and muscle cunt (oh you don't???)
Icka prick and iron pussy
Oh, serving pussy from the shoulder
Oh, yeah, you'll get knocked up listening to this (ahhh-ahhh-ahhh)
You'd better put some protection on your ears
This is graffilthy! (ahhhh-ahhh-ahh!)
Can you imagine this?
Get that thing out of here, boy
Icka prick
You're sick!
Who you gonna stick? (can you imagine this?)
That's a counterfeit dick
The shape of things to come
Can you dig it
Can you imagine this?

Song writer(s): George Clinton, Garry Shider

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