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Avail The Autocrat Of Evil Lyrics

Chanting the wide drape
The char and the moment
Of the holy church
World at his feet
Avail the autocrat of evil
That which evoke euthanasia
To inform your mind
-as child-
Again to channel power;
Avail the autocrat of evil
“to live this second
So abnormously clear
That life as an aeon
Whispers but faintly
“to be the actual
Comet in the sense
Of the star
That life transforms into when death is
Avail the autocrat of evil
In the moment of
Sour earth
And the flowers growth up there

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Furze - Trident Autocrat
is the track #4 from the album Trident Autocrat which is released on 2000-10. Genre: Rock | Record Label: Abstract Sounds Ltd
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