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At Mail Call Today Lyrics

At mail call to-day love your last letter came,
I just stood there smiling till they called my name;
As I read it over my skies turned to grey,
And tears dimmed my eyes love, at mail call today.

I can't understand love what happened to you,
The day that I sailed love you said you'd be true;
But now it's all over, what more can I say,
My poor heart was broken at mail call today.

I slept in the foxhole amid shot and shell,
I'm telling you darling it's worse than all hell;
I thought you would wait love while I was away,
But my castles tumbled at mail call today.

I hope you'll be happy with somebody new,
But always remember my heart beats for you;
Good luck and God bless you wherever you stray,
The world for me ended at mail call today.

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Gene Autry - "That
is the track #23 from the album "That's How I Got My Start" - Jimmie and the Cowboys which is released on 2001. Genre: Country | Record Label: 2001 Jasmine Records
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