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Troubled Troubador Of Tomorrow Lyrics

Oh little Jesus wants to be a man
He wants to be a man
Oh little Jesus has to use his hand
He has to use his hand
Oh little Jesus is looking for your panties
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy
I wanna lick your cunt
When you bend over
Mommy, Mommy
But you'll think I'm crazy
You think I'm crazy
Little sister, little sister
I wanna fuck your ass
But Mommy, Mommy will think I'm crazy
She'll think I'm crazy
Granny, Granny, Granny
I wanna lick your crusty cunt
But then they'll wanna put me away
They wanna put little Jesus away
So little Jesus had to change his name
Little Jesus had to change his name
Yeah, little Kevin
Little Kevin hates you all
Bang his head against the wall
Little Kevin isn't well
Little Kevin isn't well
Lock him up
Watch him turn away
October 31, 1990
He'll get his day

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