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Black Chukkas Lyrics

Chorus: (x2)
I step up in this mother fucker all black chukkas
All, all black girl what, what’s really good
All black skully, y’all can’t tell me, nothin
No I said y’all can’t tell me

I, I step up in this motherfucker all black chukkas
Simple low all black form of comfort
Walk a million miles in a lifetime cuttin'
Surprisin by my rise and got me glidin up ya mind
We flyin through the sky just to feel high
Different time zones anywhere Ima be like
Supreme means of a dream the team riders is clean
really rippin the scene
Out to get cream
You know what I mean, you know you know what I mean
Out to get cream
Outta , outta get cream
The American dream we are on a big screen
So open your eyes and welcome to the live

(Chorus x2)

I’m fresh to def with a million scuffs
Through worn my white tee with my APC jeans
Black frames on complimentin the steez
Feelin so blessed God pressed my lean
Confidence through the roof couldn’t see it with a

How you still talkin when all I hear is yellin for
Creatin the hype creates my height
Can’t Ichat so high I Skype
The leather on my taupe box means I’m right, right
You will never crease my life
Always ahead of my time never missin a flight
My chukkas all black but the whips all white

(Chorus x2)

Aye, aye
The label of our life keep us fly by night
Don’t accept checks if the commas ain’t right
The rubber on our sole worth more than its price
The way we break it down give us 25 to life
Uh, Straight off the wall, chin high 5.0 grind wishin
I’d fall
You know how we are, fresh out the box, shoes never
Walkin in the way, walkin, walkin in the place
I look in your face and tell that you a sucka
You never understand how we get it in our chukkas,

(Chorus x2)

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Gilbere Forte - 87 Dreams
is the track #3 from the album 87 Dreams which is released on 2010-08-10. Genre: Hip Hop/Rap | Record Label: The RPM GRP Exclusively distributed by one50one
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