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Lord Knows Lyrics

Oh man, I knew this shit was crazy when we first heard
it rock
… yeah, I know!
Lord knows!

I fast forward to meet limit expense
Too alone, everybody took my …
We was all gentlemen who left pussies in …
..all night, no liquor can make me smile.
Napkins for amateurs, just…
The... be the bitches you wish to grab now.
I’m in the lobby at…
Courage… nigger see what I’m on!
Now twitter, twitter you’re fucking let her replace
I’m one way ahead of you, and I’m never touching the
..I’m never touching their faces
My money is bilingual
I’m never considered racist
Try to make em your lord, you couldn’t praise me,
You couldn’t…
Wicked man, get your ass played, my nigger…
The world ain’t big enough for a nigger…
Cause I ain’t giving up a… so a nigger swallow and…
Don’t be am at… cause you couldn’t manage…
If you’re trying to be everybody, then how do you live
Your world white, turn your mother fucking cameras on
This is something I need you to…
All the rapper try to hide you …
Shut up you niggers, let’s try …
And the rest tried to play me the same
It ain’t my fault that they try to live by my dreams

A hundred thousand dollars kept my nigger to his name
Loyalty is first, you niggers should know the game!
You niggers should know the game!
Lord knows, lord knows I’m never living in vain!
All the diamonds I dream…
All the places I been, I just can’t remember the names
Bright night will never shine on the plane
And … on the bitch, is even insane
Well brag about the things you couldn’t even imagine
Sitting in gasoline…
I’m everywhere but I’m working in public access
You can’t see me to try stopping to be me
And maybe you see me for what I am
I think I got a good complexion, I don’t need another
I never wash the hand that I always had in dirt
Keep the… to show how the shit works.
It was three years ago when I was living on the first
I do believe in God but you never see me in church!
Fat niggers, such a .. of encouragement
I don’t believe in a lot of shits, so what you’re
The glory of most stories are bringing
I look at my own, so I wonder how I did it
I haven’t…
Waking at every hour the phone calls for my ex friends
Who claim they want em to win, just to benefit them!
If I am legend, how can I be defeated?
Lord knows!

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