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Clover Leaf Park Lyrics

I wanna be your friend forever
I wanna love you 'til the day that I die
I wanna be there when you're smiling at me
And I wanna be there when you need to cry
From the first time that I held you
I knew I'd never want to let go
I see my life when I look into your eyes
And a love like yours is all I need to know

I know you tend to worry
The road we're on we've never walked before
Just hold my hand and remember
No one else could love you more
I'll do my best to make you happy
Everything I am I give to you
So from today 'til the day that I'm gone
My heart belongs to only you


You read my mind like it was a letter
Written just for you inside my head
You understand the way that I'm feelin'
Before a single word is said
I don't know why you took a chance on me
But you did, and know I've got you
So from today 'til the day that I'm gone
My heart belongs to only you


What color are your eyes
I can't see in the dark
Let's use the light of the moon
Down at Clover Leaf park
Nobody loves me like you
You're the one I adore
I asked the Lord for my dreams
He gave me so much more. . .He gave me you

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