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Shot Down Lyrics

Can’t you see you’re falling
Where you thought that you were safe
I am not recalling a single word that i said
No I’m not stalling, there’s just one thing left to say
Your love’s calling, there’s just trust in the way

I wake up ’cause tomorrow’s calling
I’m not down where you are crawling
I drink it up, I drink it up
I’ll grab your hand and lift you up

I’m shot down, I’m self-relying
I’m belly up and I’m shot down
I drink it up, I drink it up
I grab your hand and life you up

I’ll take you one place, and I’ll fall away
There’s so many times I know that I should stay
And I don’t want another fly by night
Maybe one day, we’ll see eye to eye

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Going Second - Wake Up
is the track #4 from the album Wake Up which is released on 2012. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2012 Going Second
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