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Nine Carat Habit Lyrics

Chain! (Xain?)

Shoutin' out massive to the GLC crew
Biggin' up, Dipper Nan
King Jacko
Dirty Bob, AKA, Bobby Sauce (?)
Playing the beats on the Newport Streets
Y2K +1

Respect to all the Maindee boys
Thats Lee, Lloyd Ganja 99,
You knows your safe
And the man, boy, fcuking Balls.
Hardest man in soccer violence
fcuking handy in a fight, innit clart?

You knows it Clart

?? for the year 2000, plus 1

You fcuking knows it!

Right, here we go.
Theres loads of people, here with shouts tonight
We got a new, extra special guest, Eugene da Genius
In the house, hes safe as fcuk,
He smokes loads of fags, drinks loads of booze

Got Stressed Armstrong,
Hes a crazy motherfcuker
Hes got two pairs of legs, two arms
Hes great as fcuk

DCI Burnside, hes on the case 24/7
Takes some.. gets evidence..
Hes fcuking safe as fcuk.

Then we got our favourite, Adam Hussain
Hes not going to fcuk you up
Hes gonna touch you up, then let you go.
Hes safe as fcuk
Hes off with a bit of killing (?)
You knows it

The we got Billy Webb
Whos crazy as fcuk
Ands hes just sitting in a car, having a loveley drink
you knows it

Then 2000AD
AKA 2Hats
You knows it

And finally P.Xain
Whos making a rave
and having a cup of tea, and a fag


Adam Hussains in the house tonight,
Look at me strange, and well have a fcuking fight.
You thinks your hard?
Well I thinks your not!
Just cuz you say you grew up in fcuking Splot
You knows I knows Cardiff better than you
Dont you know fcuking GLCs there too?
You smokes some Bud, and sit back down
You dont wanna make me fcuking drown
But if thinks Im the one to blame,
Ill swing you round the room with my goldie lookin'

Safe as fcuk, yeah

P.Xain,GLC you fcuking knows it

My chains wicked, its made of fcuking gold
Ive had it 9 years, but its really fcuking old
Every time I wear it down the fcuking job center
The kids look at me and they feel a bit better
This shits so good cuz Im looking fcuking fly
But if you fcuks with me, Ill poke out your fcuking eye

You fcuking clit!
You knows it!

Nine Carat Habit
Ill snap you like a rabbit
Cuz when you see my chain,
you know you wanna grab it

now my name is P. Xain
and I wears loads of gold
I nicked it off my gran,
cuz shes fcuked and old

Now Im on the run, with the GLC crew
And I called up 2Hats to see what to do

Sell it down Pill, get a fcuking good price
get a wicked pair of trainers and a tracksuit thats

I say god dammit, I got a nine carat habit
??? feeling bold
Representing gold double Os

Mr Ts got nothing on Hussains gold habit
Put gold in my face and you knows ill fcuking grab it
I loves my chains, i loves them quite alot
gives me some weed, and Ill lose the fcuking plot

Suck my fcuking dick, and ill hit you with a brick
But never say that im not fcuking sick
Say Im fcuking cool, drink the mushroom brew
And get down with the GLC fcuking crew

Wearing gold chains till theyre coming out my brains
If my name was Santa then the reindeer would have gold
Giving loads of presents, to loads of fcuking kids
I nick it from the parents to fund this crazy shit
When I wear a gold chain
I never get hit
Noone gives me crap, and noone gives me shit
I feels fcuking wicked, and my shells wicked too
Everybody knows Im in the GLC crew


Nine carat habit!
He'll snap you like a rabbit!

Eastside, Motherfcuker!

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