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Feature there enough for polling
Let it surf our bodies
Expertise on doctor lies

A fool would sacrifice
This life, his quantify
Swing by his integrity
Were you there for conversation
You're my prodigy
Be amazed on attending
Nothing for no succes
Be gone and take the rest
And the land trophy

Play the sacred over here
Lean in over the town
Learning how to cut down
Be like the others on time
Better how do you like
Be there so anyone can see
In service of Alamaty
In one philosophy

Be on to turn the time
Let me out to go
Be with all the others on time
Be yourself however you like
Be with all the others on time
Be yourself however you like
Tell me how you ever gonna see

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Grass Widow - Internal Logic
is the track #8 from the album Internal Logic which is released on 2012-05-29. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 2012 HLR
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