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oh Jezebel
you can't just tell them how you feel
they see the world in black and white and red
and Jezebel
it’s just as well, what’s done is done
you’ll never change the thoughts inside their heads

oh Jezebel
with every cell you reached for love
and found it in an old familiar face
and Jezebel
it hurts like hell but then again
where would you be without love’s warm embrace

wear it like a crown
don't let them take you down

hey Jezebel
you mustn't dwell on small details
there'll always be some battles you can't win
but Jezebel
you'll live to tell and love again
your pride's your gift, and love your only sin

wear them like a crown
your scarlet hand-me-downs

hey Jezebel
they say you fell so far, so fast
you burned your angel wings on your way down
ah Jezebel
you’ve been to hell and heaven too
and love’s the only refuge that you’ve found
hey Jezebel, love’s all that matters now

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Gretchen Peters - Burnt Toast & Offerings
is the track #4 from the album Burnt Toast & Offerings which is released on 2007-04-09. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2010 Scarlet Letter Records
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