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Our Trap Lyrics

Feeling like I have no strength

Can barely breathe

It's taken all hope away from me

I can't even move but I see

Everything's way too calm now

Just as if I dream of what I live

I can only think of what I've lost

Who is in control now

Cause I wonder did we fall into our own trap

Do I have to believe what I feel

Trying to turn my back to the past

But everything disappears

Do I have to believe trust myself

Am I just going mad 

Do I wanna lose myself

This paranoia
Can't decide to live or fight while

I want nothingness and who would know if

I am not falling into my own trap

How would I know that it forgets

It clearly made me who I am now

It has never exceeded our limits

Only brushed against them still it's not the end

Everything looks so similar

Is it a living dream so real

What's the risk of fighting blind

Who is in control now

Cause I wonder did we fall into our own trap

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