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Temper Tantrum Lyrics

She go into my temper tantrum and i cant stop it, with all this gwap i got my gurl spoiled rotten,i treat like a toddler she sumthin like my daughter,all i do is spoil her and she know dat im a baller.

Gucci Mane:
Im in my pretty red thang dats my 74 dump the battle of the bands in my goddamn trunk,the battle of the bands in my goddman pants,fresh pants,20 grand rite 20 more bands.My girlfriend fussin she dont want no talkin,i drink mine rite out the bottle she prefer hers out a glass,i never have a problem with them fellin on her ass cuz im gucci mane la flare and they know if they try that ima blast.I know it sound cocky but im better than her last,i never met the nigga but he not gucci man.See baby you the coach and u should put me in and if i underthrow you baby you should put me on the bench(GUCCCIII)!!

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