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Can't Stop Lyrics

(J. Pollard, R. Pollard)

I know I'm wasting time
Now and then I just want to run away
Please believe I (don't) mean what I say
But (cause) you know I just can't stop anyway

Gotta know one thing (babe)
Gotta listen to me
Just a little more room now
You gotta set me free

Make up your mind baby
Straight from the line baby
You never really had to look through me
You shouldn't really be that way

When we touch with our tenderness I brought (don't want) too
much and happiness blows away


I can't stop anyway
just not anyway
I can't stop it anyway
I can't stop it anyway
I can't stop it anyway

Song writer(s): J. Pollard, Robert Pollard Jr
Official Guided By Voices website: www.gbv.com

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Guided By Voices - Sandbox
is the track #6 from the album Sandbox which is released on 1987. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1987 Scat
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