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Subtle Gear Shifting Lyrics

(I had trouble transcribing this song before I realized that it is total gibberish.)
Business is leaving Pioneer Chambers
Young trackers in angles of jet-speed solar triangles
Cranes of wax
The best of my Chinese lessons gravely
Voters rule in

Plantations of pale pink
Plantations of pale pink
Plantations of pale pink

Crippled dragons ??
Wishing that girl
Mobile rendered ocean
And the swingers get digging
Finalized pollution ?? being stopped

Cast out the groovy engineer to steer clear
Of bakery raids and ambulance puddin'
Foggy no-man lady luck gift
And a bowl of crystallized painter tea
Recommended out of sight revolution
Contact colution contacting General Pettiworth
Splash dinner upshon yo coraggits

Your post case gave you oxygenated sign-language kid
Beambacked scraper of antelopes
Childberry food desserts
Specialized in subtle gear shifting

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Guided By Voices - Plantations of Pale Pink - EP
is the track #6 from the album Plantations of Pale Pink - EP which is released on 1996-11-19. Genre: Alternative | Record Label: 1996 Matador
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