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Drop Drawers Lyrics

(Clip of drop drawers)

(oderus scatting)
that's right kids don't be afraid to drop your drawers down
drop 'em down laddy's
drop 'em down lassie's
drop 'em down one by one
now drop 'em down all over the land
what a cheeky ass, cheeky ass
oh come to me, me lassie
oh lassie, little lassie
oh sweet little
island miss with
yer legs and yer kilt are stinkin' of piss

Song writer(s): Bradley Dunbar Roberts
Official Gwar website: www.gwar.net

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Gwar - Slaves Going Single
is the track #1 from the album Slaves Going Single which is released on 2000. Genre: Metal | Record Label: 2009 Slave Pit Inc
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