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[Sang by Beefcake The Mighty]
[Bass by Oderus]
Cruising through town, slack-jawed tongue out
You're a moron
Turn on the radio.
Fire up that dim bulb And let some coke fuck piss into your ear
Hit'em with a left
Hit'em with a right
Hit'em with a left
Now fight fight fight [x2]
This is a white world and yeah it sucks
Sheep-fucking turd-kicking sow-sucking
Rednecks make me sick making hate babies
And worrying to death what I do with my dick

Song writer(s): Scott Russo, Robert Brewer, Tony Palermo, pat kim, Aimee Allen, Steven Morris
Official Gwar website: www.gwar.net

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Gwar - This Toilet Earth
is the track #9 from the album This Toilet Earth which is released on 1994. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1994 Metal Blade Records
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