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The New Plague Lyrics

I'm just a person, and I've got the new plague
I'm wondering how I got this way
I drank some whiskey, I went and got laid
Now I'm a person, just a person with aids
He's just a person with aids - I got what?
If you treat me, like any old dude, I'll try real hard not to go bleed on you
Cause I'm a person, and I know what to do
So stick around cause I'm gonna get screwed
I'm just a person, and you're a person like me
Am I the victim of a conspiracy?
I drank some whiskey, I did some cocaine
Now I'm a person in Pain-Pain-Pain

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Gwar - Ragnarök
is the track #2 from the album Ragnarök which is released on 1995. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 1995 Metal Blade Records
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