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Caroline, I just can't believe the troubles in your eyes
Why, do you look at me like you don't know why
I tried, but those other men just shone a little too
While I stood there watching night after night

If I just untied one hand, would you promise I'm your man
Oh please be mine Caroline
If I would put down my gun, would you promise not to run
Just stay and be Caroline

At First I sighed
but this treatment from you I just can't abide
Why, won't you say you love me Caroline
Are the ropes too tight?
Or does some other man still own you out of spite
I won't give up on you without a fight

Just tell me what can I do
I'll make all your dreams come true
Just come back please Caroline
This wasn't part of my plan
All I want is your sweet hand
I make my stand for Caroline

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Hang Jones - The Ballad of Carlsbad County
is the track #7 from the album The Ballad of Carlsbad County which is released on 2008. Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Record Label: 2008 Hang Jones
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