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Let Me Go Lover Lyrics

Oh let me go let me go let me go woman
Let me be set me free from your spell
You made me weak cut me deep I can't sleep woman
I was cursed from the first day I fell

You don't want me but you want me to go on wanting you
How I pray that you will say that we're through
Please turn me lose what's the use let me go woman
Let me go let me go let me go
[ fiddle - guitar ]
You don't want me...

Song writer(s): Fred Wise, Benjamin Weisman, Kay Twomey, Jenny Lou Carson
Official Hank Snow website: www.hanksnow.com

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Hank Snow - The Essential Hank Snow
is the track #18 from the album The Essential Hank Snow which is released on 1997-04-29. Genre: Country | Record Label: 1997 BMG Entertainment
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