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Ooh, c'est tout
I curse the day that I laid eyes on you
You thirsty, dirty, stupid root
Status: Over; we are through.
Ooh, c'est trout
The needle, like a thorn removed,
Slipped out from this aching bruise
Status: Weapon is defused.
Ooh, c'est tout
Broken girls, when rag-doll used,
Can't be expected to be true
Status: Villain has been subdued.
You beg for mercy, but I refuse
Step off!
You have been excused
Vous n'avez pas un coeur
Solipsistic saboteur
You are twisted and unsure
You see her lipstick and pearls
And want to devour her
But now she's tearing up your insides
All claws and fur
Get up!
Give us a smile
Get up!
Get out of this
At least for a while
Get up!
Ooh, c'est tout
Tortured dolls will become cruel
Porcelain repaired with glue
Can't hush the shrieking of a wound
So deep it's feral through and through
Status: I am done with you

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Hannah Fury - Through the Gash
is the track #10 from the album Through the Gash which is released on 2007-08-07. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2007 Hannah Fury
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