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Sweet Heart Lyrics

Solitude still holds you
I don't have to fake the blues
And all you want is refuge
Sugar is the heart's food
Sugar is the heart's food
Fathers don't know all the rules
Kicked around, I know you know the cruelty of love
And if you could have just one thing for your birthday, what would it be?
Maybe that one wrong word would not make you bad
And you could say just how you feel
And they would still want you around
And maybe that you could make mistakes
And that it would still be okay
And they would still want you around
Thoughts are often ridiculed
Feelings often misunderstood
And all you do is rescue one little piece of your heart
And feed it sugar
And it will grow
So powerful and strong
You won't know what to do with all the warmth
You won't even remember all the harm
And it will be so much easier to lead
The life you always wanted
The life you always should have had

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Hannah Fury - The Thing That Feels
is the track #11 from the album The Thing That Feels which is released on 2000-10-12. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2000 MellowTraumatic Recordings
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