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Your Blue Shoes Lyrics

Off to bed riddle head. You've worn yourself a brand new
Bottom run or deck and slung. Choose your place to meet
your deed.
Off to bed dreamless dead. You cannot keep mocking me.
Saw your shoes steeped in blue, right beneath the deck
for me.
And I'll miss you in the summertime, and I'll miss you
when it's late at night.
Right on time, no alibi needed down a one way street.
If they ask it's in the past, punded swill lose lots of
Keepin' on swingin' song right beside the apple tree.
If you'll just try to remember why the rest of life was
without me.
I'll miss you in the summertime. I'll miss you when it's
late at night.
I'll miss you, it's too late to cry. And I'll miss you
most all the time.
I'll miss you in the summertime. I'll miss you when it's
late at night.
Off to bed it's getting late.
I'm afraid I'll hesitate with the thought of you this I'm
doing, maybe then but not today.

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Heather Duby - Come Across the River
is the track #4 from the album Come Across the River which is released on 2003. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2003 Heather Duby
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