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Lover Street Lyrics

Oh Lover Street!
That's the line hip avenue
All the hip cats they are gonna meet
Baby dig this

Hold me honey get your loving man
I got you c'mon baby hold your little hand
Squeezing, loving baby gonna rip that's It
I said c'mon baby meet me on lover's street
C'mon baby what ya gonna do
Get going baby the boogaloo
Well up in Detroit they call me Cherry-o
I said hey baby your mama's a hoe
Well it's just the way it is
You all know people been talking about it
We're gonna hug I'm gonna bug
Meet me tonight down on lover's street

Make you real fast make you so neat
Knocking and rocking down on lover's street
Eat more chicken than you ever seen baby
When I get done with you you're gonna scream
I said well bey baby your mama's a hoe
Oh that's for sure
Keep it in Ihe family
Baby I'm gonna, I love ya!
We're gonna kiss we're gonna hug
C'mon now baby meet me on lover's street

Rock 'n' roll lover get your sell down there
Cousin Bruce and Velvet, lord everyone's in town
And you know I wear a leopard suit
I'm gonna sock it to you baby coz you look so cute
(Lover street) rock 'n' roll lover c'mon on
(Lover street) lover's street
(Lover street) Rock 'n' roll on lover's street

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Heavy Trash - Heavy Trash
is the track #2 from the album Heavy Trash which is released on 2005-04-19. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2005 Yep Roc Records
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