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Oh little honey : don't you make me go

I'll get a job : *if you allow me to*

I am a rambling gambling man : I gamble in many towns

I rambled this wide world over : I rambled and traveled

I had my ups and downs in life : and bitter times I saw

But I never knew what misery was : till I left old

I started out one morning : to meet the early train

He says you better work for me : I asked old Liza Jane

I'll give you fifty cents today : *on*

And *yesterday* : *was filled with ice and snow*

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Henry Thomas - Texas Worried Blues: Complete Recorded Works 1927-1929
is the track #15 from the album Texas Worried Blues: Complete Recorded Works 1927-1929 which is released on 1989. Genre: Blues | Record Label: 1989 Shanachie Ent Corp
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