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Tell Me Goodnight Lyrics

Check the mirror
don't ever lock and load on this
so fragile so cold
words freeze over your lips
that red is your colour baby
hiding green smiles your faking
you wear it so well

tell me goodnight
like you'll never know me
tell me goodnight
I wish it was the end

but im waiting
for sharper words
to come from trustd friends
so empty you're dancing
on my firing range street
no shadows glass houses
and everyone hears you scream
now blues become you baby
no cover-up can save you
you wear it so well
good burns deserve another two
that's one thing ive learned from you

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Hot Lies - Heart Attacks and Callous Acts - EP
is the track #4 from the album Heart Attacks and Callous Acts - EP which is released on 2005. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2005 Liberation Music
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