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Hold Back The Night Lyrics

hold back the night
the streets are filled with laughter
soon i'll be after
you once again
come to my house and
say we're friends
i can't help but see
gone are the days
we tripped the light fantastic
solutions more drastic
running wild
where did you go to?
my little child
i cannot help but see

fill up your days
and your pockets with plenty
soon they'll be empty
once again
someone has sent me
to you, my friend
we just can't keep on running
hold back the tide
and the waves of reason
guilty of treason
once again
stop all the seasons
the sun and the rain
until you stop believin'

turn on the lights
i cannot see where i'm running
future keeps coming

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I Am Kloot - Hold Back the Night I Am Kloot Live (Standard)
is the track #8 from the album Hold Back the Night I Am Kloot Live which is released on 2015-04-14. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2015 Walk Tall recordings PIAS
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