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Too Much Lyrics

All I ever wanted
Was to lose myself in you
All I ever needed
Was you to need me too

You're all I ever think about
I hunger for your touch
And all I ever wanted
Was you, is that too much?

I hate the pain of loving you
It happens all the time
I never needed anything or anybody
Until your eyes met mine

I'm waiting for your answer, babe
What's gonna become of us?
'Cos all I ever wanted
Was you, is that too much?

It is too much to ask
That this man with a past
Could be happy at last
With a future like you

It is too much to ask
Is it too much of a task?
Am I going to fast for you?

Maybe you don't want me
I'm so scared of losing you
I never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity
Watch me screw up this one too

It's so hard to talk about love
I'm leaving now, oh, it's just
And all I ever wanted
Was you, is that too much?

Song writer(s): Ian Petterson Hunter
Official Ian Hunter website: www.ianhunter.com

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Ian Hunter - The Artful Dodger
is the track #1 from the album The Artful Dodger which is released on 2014-05-30. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2014 M i G music
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