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Only 4 Tonight Lyrics

She gave me the number then she gave me the brain, funny part about I don’t even know ha name.
I don’t even know her so I can’t even spray her but I bet she know me (Hell yeaa!).

I don’t know what y’all been told but man I’m a beast when it come to these hoes.
I love the black ones and red ones too and I swear that dance got me loving you.
She went low, then lower. I told her in my ice berg voice girl hold up.
I ain’t gon lie baby you live and only for the night you can be my wife ahhh!

Hey she doin something to a nigga
I follow that ass like I do ha on twitter.
Naw don’t leave that out it look good in them tights let me see that out.
Man I heard they said that imma freak and it’s true so that’s what imma be.
Dem niggas ain’t me baby imma G so if it’s clean then imma eat uhhh!
So girl pop that pussy and when I aint around you betta lock that pussy.
Imma make you wanna pull out my hair, screaming ice billion berg while you taking deep breaths.
So if you need a slider you might as well just slide with me, imma beat beat that pussy up until you get tired and you fall asleep.
Cause you doing that dance that I love, and if you need you a friend just call me up
And I aint trying to offend ya when I say I wanna fuck yazimehh !


Hold up man I thought you was shy girl.
For the night you officially is my girl.
Sip this here welcome to my world
Drink it all baby doll please do not earl!
Have you ever had sex on the sand, or kissed a girl while you sexing a man?
You will if I put this X is your hand.
And I heard your head game was the best in the land.
So take this while I roll that crip.
And catch it all when I throw that dick.
And I aint trying to hurt you at all but when I give you this dog you gon damn near fall.
I don’t like to brag but I stand real tall and when I whip out you gon yell “Good Lawd”!
And I don’t know what they told you, but between them sheets I’m a motha f*ckin fool!



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