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Fungo(Ne) Lyrics

Change it, oh change it
What reflection won’t hide; there’s a look in my eyes
Kill him oh kill him
Cause he eats through my soul
He’s so bitter and cold
I know we never choose our nightmares
Our nightmares choose us

All we are is all we're not
We're never good enough
It never hurts if we won’t look
God we’ve got to look

Face down all eyes on me
All eyes on you

I’m trying, I’m trying
But the flaws in my heart, they refuse to depart
Make me God, make me
Take a look at this man
Because I know that I can’t face him
Our reflections can define us
If we won’t face ourselves

Not a second more to waste
No prolonging this escape from my heart to your hands
I can’t look in
I’m wearing thin
I see your struggle here my son
Just carry on, just carry on
I throw the tides; I burn the sun
I say this will be overcome
No depths below, no heights above
Could ever break you of this love
(Your love, oh your love)

All we are is all we're not
We're never good enough
It never hurts if we won’t look
God, we’ve got to look

We can’t stop the bleeding if we can’t find the wound
And every trace of a killer always points back to you
It’s time we looked, time I looked, time to look
God, Set me free from what’s inside me
Carry on, don’t lose heart

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