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The Moment I Said It Lyrics

The moment I said it
the moment I opened my mouth
lead in your eyelids
Bulldozed the life out of me
I know what you're thinking
But darling you're not thinking straight
Sadly things just happen.... we can't...... explain

It's not even light out,
But you've somewhere to be - no hesitation
No I've never seen you like this
And I dont like it, I dont like it, I dont like it at all

Just put back the car keys
or somebody's going to get hurt
who are you calling at this hour
sit down, come round , I need you now
we'll work it all out together
we're getting no where tonight
now sleep, I promise, it'll all seem better somehow
in time

It's not even light out
Suddenly, you've somewhere to be
No hesitation
mmm...I've never seen you like this
Your scaring me, Youre scaring me,
Your scaring me to death

Don't..oh, smash....please
Don't...oh.....and another one
Don't...oh.....and another one

I'm losing you.......I'm losing you

Trust me on this one
I've got a bad feeling
Trust me on this one
You're going to throw it all away
With no hesitation

Bye bye bye bye bye bye
bye bye bye bye bye
bye bye bye

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Imogen Heap - Speak for Yourself
is the track #12 from the album Speak for Yourself which is released on 2005-07-18. Genre: Pop | Record Label: 2005 Megaphonic Records
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