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The Black Vomit Lyrics

Choosed to be the offensor of Christ
Evil, disgusting and bloody mind
He was belched forth of hell
To torment the son of god...

Lucifer designate me to this work
Because I love to fuck you
Eat your delicious mother
Blaspheming over your Trinity

I was born by semen of Satan
At a night with full moon
Blessed by priests of evil
Marked with the sign of goat
I've turn my back to you
My destiny is to be fell
I spit on your face
I'm the black vomit of hell

While your mother cry under your feet
I smile by your disgrace
Suffering is the only thing
Wich I desire to you

Christ you is a liar
Satan is my master
And command my mind to total desaster

Christ I will fuck
All the bastards
Who believe in yours words of love

Christ I hate you
With all my forces
Will piss on your corpse and eat your flesh

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Impaled Nazarene - Decade of Decadence
is the track #24 from the album Decade of Decadence which is released on 2000-11-23. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2000 Osmose Productions
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