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Seven Storms Of Doom Lyrics

Chalice of chaos, chalice of end
Let thy Amards drown the earth
Ascend now from the twilight worlds
By time and space unbound

Ancient Serpent, god of death
Sovereign king, redeemer of all
Come ye forth and become whole
Made visible... the triumphant throne

Seven storms of doom
Howling, like a thousand wolves
From north and south, from west and east
Onward for the beast

The jaws of Satan wide agape
Deformations spawned from rape
Blind by malice, forth they burst
In death like hunger and unquenchable thirst

Lycanthropic grunts malformed
Spirits of the God behorned
Devours of birth soul and flesh
Gathered now to feast
... In doom
Seven storms of doom
Seven storms of doom

Crumbling minds in panic system
In the flames of falling stars
Behold as Satan manifests
When the seven storms collide

Seven storms of doom
Howling, like a thousand wolves
Rise now, for the final feast
In the kingdom of the Beast

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In Aeternum - Dawn of a New Aeon
is the track #6 from the album Dawn of a New Aeon which is released on 2005-05-21. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2008 Agonia Records
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