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Mind Surgery Lyrics

Chaos, the oldest lie of madness
The perfect sin within the thought of men
Sickening souls in some forsaken land
The end begins
Bid your farewell to a deceased age

Failure of human kind

Deceived by his treacherous presence
Lambs will march to the inevitable
False gods guide us to perdition
Victims of some sick
Psychological warfare

In their hands, the gift of life
Higher iniquity, show us the ways of doom
Macabre technology, bringer of an ancient grief
Raping minds
Crushing the old domain

Thought decay, endless lack of morals
The arrogance of a fake divinity
Freedom now reduced to ashes
Morbid ways of a slow, demented…
Mind surgery

Manipulated by the darkest presages
Afflicted beings
Crushed by the scourge of humility
The will of human race, consumed
A terrible realm
Erase dementia off the earth

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