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Once Revered Lyrics

Oh holy father
How thou hast fallen
From grace unto stagnation
Thy prayers are useless
Thy words are meaningless
Once revered
Praised was thy name
The masses no longer silent
Hypocrite-cast unto shame
Oh holy father
How thou hast sinned
From love unto molestation
Thy rituals of carnal desire
Destruction-spiritual funeral pyre
Once revered
Praised was thy name
The masses no longer silent
Hypocrisy-cast unto shame
If the omnipotent is so powerful
Then why does evil triumph over good?
If there is an all-mighty deity then
How could this go on for so long
Oh holy father
No baptism can scourge
The uncleansed
Truth built upon a fallacy
Verily thou hast sinned

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Insidious Decrepancy - Extirpating Omniscient Certitude
is the track #4 from the album Extirpating Omniscient Certitude which is released on 2009-07-31. Genre: Heavy Metal | Record Label: 2011 Brutal Bands
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