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Oh mightiest Chanajah merciful unto me, in thy holy names. Mightiest Chanajah bestow souls unto me answer my call. Recreate, unto this world from infernal grounds. Rise up from your bliss. Give me the father's crown. Incarnate as me in the likeness of the invincible. Breath of Kephra. Skeletons of gods. The unspeakable now enraged. Anarl I conjure thee. Jazar turn the wisdom over to me, by the power of the words: HOR TAL ELL AH RACH NAH MAY. I command thee to rip up the dead. Awaken the sleeping god in the charnel mess. Anointed in the servitude. Speal your words trough me. I regurgitate, spitting out words of power. Spurning lands. I vomit forth, vomit forth. Behold he is in me, I float over his firmament. I travel upon high, I tread on the firmament of Nu. I raise a flame with the flashing lightning of my eye. It's the unseen force which creates the gods. I am reborn again and again the ancient one. Inhabitant of his head, utterance of me who brings the flashing flame of the bornless light. Oh mightiest Chanajah merciful unto me.

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Internal Bleeding - Voracious Contempt
is the track #2 from the album Voracious Contempt which is released on 1995. Genre: Rock | Record Label: 2002 Crash Music, Inc
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